Saturday, November 13, 2010

And This Is Why I Got Rid of All My Stuff

Moving sucks.

I'm fairly certain this is a commonly known fact that no one in their right mind would dispute.

Oh sure. There are fun parts about moving. Like...uhm...oh wait. No, there's nothing fun about moving.

It's just hard. Period.

First, there's the packing. And then there's the unpacking of stuff you've already packed before you've moved it because you forgot that OH SHIT! You totally needed that one thing you put on the bottom of that one box that's now got 5 more boxes stacked on top of it.

Then there's the very last minute packing of the kitchen. And every last oddly-shaped, fragile item you could possibly encounter lives in the kitchen, don'tcha know.

There's also the plea to every able bodied person you know to please please please come help haul your stuff to your new destination. This is quite possibly the hardest question to ask of your friends...especially when they've got a truck.

Moving day arrives, you're surrounded by a mountain of boxes, lamps, and the varied assortment of oh-my-gawd-I-ran-out-of-boxes-so-I'm-going-to-just-throw-everything-left-into-my-tote-bag-collection. Which, isn't a bad thing - totes are awesome in that they are sturdy and have handles - but they are the biggest boogers to stack in the moving van.

Then there's the load up. Tetris...except not fun Tetris but sweat and smashed fingers and stubbed toes and lost tempers Tetris. And the oh-my-gawd-why-did-we-buy-that-60"-TV-that-weighs-eleventy-billion-pounds and then put it in the basement? How did we even get it in the basement?

The easiest part of moving is actually the unload at the new place. But, by then, you're so wiped out, you just wish the bed would come out of the truck so you can lie down and take a nap.

Then...then! There's the unpacking and the "where the hell did I put that?" and the "I have to go buy this one thing that's the only thing that will go in this corner" purchases.

It' just sucks.

I hate moving. I hate moving myself. I really don't particularly like helping other people move. But! I have a philosophy about moving karma. When people ask, if you're able bodied and available - and by available I do not mean you've wracked your brain for anything even remotely like other plans to get out of helping - you should help. Because you just never know when you're going to have to ask for these same people to help you haul that 60" TV out of your own basement sometime.

But, along with helping when asked (and remember, it is SO HARD to ask), if you're the person moving, moving karma is also impacted by your readiness to move when those people you've asked nicely to help show up.

Thank you then, to D&C, for being ready, for being gracious, and for expressing your appreciation at every turn. You had a good turn out. Clearly, you all had excellent moving karma.

Congratulations on the move, the new house, and don't forget to invite me over when the liquor's unpacked.

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