Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On Weather and Holidays

And just like that *snap*, winter arrives.

Yesterday, it was beautiful 70° sandal weather.

Today? The high temperature was 58°...just after midnight. It's been chilly all day and just a few minutes ago, the rain/sleet/snow began to pelt my head.

And just like that I'm struck that ohmygawd! Beaujolais Nouveau Day is literally next week! Less than 10 days! Which means Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and then Christmas (martinis) and New Year's and then! Then!! THEN!!! It's my birthday! Yay! Oh...er...sorry. You probably don't care much about my birthday.


I don't remember an autumn lasting quite this long before so my holiday clock is off. 

I'd better get busy. I've got menus to plan.

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