Sunday, November 07, 2010

Restoration of Faith

I feel as though I've been complaining a lot about humanity - or the lack thereof - here lately.

For those of you who only know me through my blog, I'd like to extend an apology to you. Because, if you were to know me in person, you'd know I am kinda glitter.

The fact is I love nearly everyone...despite some people's attempts to convince me to do otherwise. I suppose I just have a strong sense of what I believe justice and compassion are and am often disappointed by people...I sometimes even disappoint myself.

Love the person, Jane. Not the potential. *zen arrow finds its mark*

Clearly, my expectations are set way too high. And what do I say about expectations? They are pre-determined resentments. I know better.

And yet...

There are times when my greatest expectations of people - people I don't even know - go so far above and beyond anything I can imagine, I weep for joy and gratitude.

This morning, I find myself weeping over this article from The Denver Post:

Music-lover Jeff Quinlan leaves millions to Swallow Hill

For those of you who don't know, Swallow Hill is a non-profit organization in Denver "dedicated to preserving and fostering folk and traditional music from around the world".

I took singing lessons there last fall/winter. It's currently housed in this funky old, dilapidated building - another Grotto really - with twisty corridors and uneven floors. And it's one of the awesomest places in Denver for that reason. It's what you might expect from an organization dedicated to folklore and folk music.

I am so happy for them! This gift - a multi-million dollar legacy - will ensure the continuation of music education in this region and will benefit thousands of people in my community.

And, while I'm sorry for the death of Jeff Quinlan, I am also grateful to him for his generosity, his passion for music, and for his dedication to his community.

And I'm grateful to him this morning for restoring my faith in humankind to its normal levels.

Bathed in tears, I sparkle. Like glitter.

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