Thursday, December 16, 2010

*hack hack sniffle snort ker-choooo-eeeee*

Sore throat? Check.
Cough? Check.
Chills? Check.
Aches? Check.
Fever? Checked and check.

I'm sitting here tonight in a turtleneck sweater, a long sleeve denim shirt, and two pairs of socks, drinking a cup of hot orange spice tea with honey and lemon and toasting my ankles with my space heater cranked on high. Still...I'm shivery.

I'd take a hot bath but I'd have to get naked for that and that's probably the least appealing activity in the universe right about now. I may sleep in my clothes tonight.

All this to say I'm sick. Thankyouverymuch to whomever it was that snotted all over their hands and then touched whatever it was that I then came along and touched. It's the season of giving and you've now given me the plague. Asshole.

On the bright side, Modchen is upstairs concocting a potion of delectable delights for me to consume and hopefully it'll be the cure for the miseries. All the while, her Himself is also upstairs plotting out how to keep me quarantined. I'm not sure he's aware of the bit about the soup or how the soup transfer shall be made while adhering to the protocols of said quarantine. I suspect he may be exposed. I do, however, promise not to snot on my hands prior to receiving said soup. I'll even wash them (my hands, not the soup) for the CDC-recommended 20 seconds before opening the door.

Also on the bright side? My employer has a strict policy regarding fevers. If you've got one - or have had one - you must stay home until the fever has been gone for at least 24 hours. I guess that means I've now got the next 10 days in a row off as I'd already taken the liberty of buying 5 days for the price of 3 next week due to the holiday next weekend.

Of course, right now, at least the first 3-4 days will be misspent in bed...alone...with a box of tissues and a bottle of NyQuil.

Which, on second thought, may be an additional bright side.

Hey! All of a sudden this sickness doesn't seem to be so bad! Well...except for the whole "sick" part of the sickness.


If I could just find someone to bring me a bag o' navel oranges. Because there's nothing better on my sore throat than a perfectly chilled navel orange...unless it's hot orange spice tea. At least I've got plenty of that.


Teresa said...

I feel your pain. Wait until your teeth and hair hurt. I started getting sick on Saturday with your symptoms and tried to work on Monday only to be sent home. I had grand plans to work from home until I walked into my front door and directly to bed. I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday and gave today a try at work. It wasn't too bad, but I am far from being 100%. I hope you send this virus packing quickly.

Nyquil did not work for me and I never did find anything the relieve the symptoms. I did find Puffs Plus lotion a big bonus and I even bought a box of Puffs with Vicks which helped me through the misery in the middle of the night when I couldn't breathe.


Teresa said...

it should have been............

Nyquil did not work for me and I never did find anything that relieved the symptoms.

Diva said...

So sorry, hon. My love managed to get over his without passing it on to me thus far.

Let me know if I can leave oranges on your porch.... then I will watch, from a distance and like a Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom cameraman, as you (or another member of the warren) ducks outside, looks around, grabs the bag and hurries back inside.

Wow.... I am rife with visual imagery tonight. *laugh*

Get well soon, darlin'. *kisses*