Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tidying Up November

So...I have a few odds and ends to tie up now that November's over and December is EEK! How the hell did it get to be December?!



You may recall from this post, that I had decided to try an experiment with the Stuck In My Head Song of the DayTM and keep track of what I wake up to in my head each morning.

Well, in case you haven't been stalking my You Tube channel and laughing heartily at the playlist I created specifically for this experiment, I've also kept a list and have published it in this entry buried in the bowels of my November archive.

Clearly, I spend an awful lot of subconscious time in the 70's and nearly no time at all in the present. Seems reasonable. Except...seriously? Kansas, y'all? KANSAS?!

I and the Divine Ms. Diva - who also played along with this particular game and proved herself to be quite as er...interesting subconsciously as yours truly - will continue to keep least through December or until we get bored.

Fortunately (for both you and me), December started off with the phenomenal song stylings of the talented and raw Patti Smith with her rendition of Van Morrison's Gloria from one of my all-time favorite albums Horses and not, you know, mutherfucking Kansas.

You can keep track of December's playlist here.


There's a little matter of baked goods.

For participating (and successfully) completing NaBloPoMo with me, both Divatology and Zero Hour! will be handsomely rewarded.

For managing to hang in there...sorta...kinda...but not really, Acr0nym shall also be rewarded because, well, I've already told you why.

And last, but not least, because he's my awesome brother-in-law and has the maths, I'm also going to reward Math-Matty simply because he really did keep up - skipping only 1 day. Now, if I only knew of a fabulous vegan baked good that would ship well, I'd be all set.

If you were secretly participating and would like baked goods for a successful NaBloPoMo run, send me a note/comment and we'll talk proof and delivery of said goods.

As for December, I think I mentioned to you that I'd be participating in another writing challenge - #reverb10 - and so you will see daily posts tagged as such...posts that seem to be someone asking me a question and me answering said question. That's because that's what's happening. I'm sure I'll continue to post other nonsense in addition because, well, it's what I do.

Since the #reverb10 challenge also requires me to actually Tweet shit, you can totally follow me on Twitter. Don't laugh at my novice tweeting ability. I just today learned how to make a tiny url. I felt accomplished.



MsSparrow said...

wait we are supposed to Twitter that stuff too? I hate Twitter!

PS I F*CKING LOVE KANSAS! And that just happens to be one of my favorite songs Ms. Jane.

Matt said...

Baked goods, hurrah! Thanks, Jane!

Unknown said...

Ummm.... Twitter will shrink URL's for you automagically.