Thursday, January 06, 2011

12 Pet Peevery Lane

...aka is it just me or is this crazy?

Here's the situation. A thread on Facebook about a well-known, well-respected artist couple who recently got married started.

Crazy Person: You didn't know she's a homewrecking tart? A musical genius of a homewrecking tart? The man had a wife and three daughters, until little miss "I tattoo my eyebrows" comes along, and WHAM! No more mister family man. Tart.

Me: [Redacted]
and his wife had been divorced for quite awhile before he met [redacted]. He has a son and two daughters w/his ex-wife (with whom he remains friends).

Doesn't anyone else think it's sort of a tired cliche? Family man gets successful, leaves wife for tarty musical genius with tattooed eyebrows, etc...

[Later in the thread after irrelevant posts]

So, opinons are only okay if they're in a tabloid?...If you don't like it, don't read my opinion and don't respond.

Your opinion wasn't an issue. The facts you used to assert your opinion were incorrect.

Just in case there's a doubt:

"So let's see: for the record, we separated well over five years ago, did the paperwork on the divorce over a year ago, remain close and supportive, love being parents together and enjoy being friends (and, like in some early seventies sit-com, next door neighbours) more than we did being a married couple." - [redacted] April 11, 2009

As is the assumption that I didn't know about those facts. It's still an opinion. As I said, you don't have to agree. Or respond. And, frankly, I did know about the divorce. Which makes it...still just my opinion.

At this point, I had to back away from the computer screen, slowly, hoping the men in white suits would get the net over her before she could boil anymore bunnies.


So...she knew the facts - that the man was divorced from his first wife - separated for 5 years before the divorce was final - prior to meeting his current wife and yet current wife is homewrecking tart anyway?

Because...why again? It must have something to do with the tattooed eyebrows.

And this, boys and girls, is what Lex calls being "impervious to facts"...the resident of the "house" at 12 Pet Peevery Lane.

Having opinions is a great thing! Yes! I encourage everyone to have lots of varying opinions about every topic under the sun! Intelligent discourse cannot exist without opinions and I, for one, love intelligent, thoughtful discourse.

However, having an opinion, sharing that opinion, backing it up with information known to be incorrect, and then attacking anyone who offers up substantiated proof to the contrary while acknowledging that the information is false is...well...fucking crazy.

As in batshit.

As in certifiable.

As in...ohmygawd she's probably a creationist.



MsSparrow said...

I had to read that 3 times and I still don't understand CP...

Diva said...

Bitch be crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y.

bete-noire said...

enh, she's just badly informed and too stupid to be involved in any sort of argument.

i've been following them. i hope they're happy. they certainly seem to be. i've had my reservations for some time about his.... habit... of serial muse-picking, chiefly because for a while there they seemed to be getting ever-younger, which was frankly edging up on creepster territory for a minute.
but i'm pretty convinced she can more than handle him, if any of the quietly-retold-on-the-downlow stories i've heard from friends in the northeast are any indication. and i really do hope they're happy, and stay happy.

as for dumbcunt, i'd say "it's useless to argue with Wilfully Oblivious," except that i've been arguing with a fucking retarded - i'm tempted to say "literally" - pro-lifer on OFALLTHINGS Th' Yoo Toob, all day. [/facepalm]