Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh My Gawd, Becky! Look At Her Butt!

Someone googled "Big Ass" and they got my blog.

Seeing as I don't recall talking much about my big ass in this blog, I was a little curious just how far into the google search they had to go to wind up here.

For the record? I still don't know. Because I gave up after the first 50 pages of search results. Clearly, this was someone On. A. Mission. for big butts. I would love to know just how many links this person clicked through on those search results before clicking on me. Because wow. Just...I don't know. Wow!

And just so you know? Google returned over 97 MILLION results (in .17 seconds mind you) for "Big Ass". That's alotta big asses, people. There are some definitely interesting niche ass sites (or ass cracks if you prefer) and so, while I do not recommend conducting this search at, say, work, it is kind of a funny search...if you're bored on a Friday night...or, you know, really like big butts.

In my defense, I totally did not click through any of the links. But it's got me wondering...with all these obviously big butt hungry folks out there, how is it that I'm still single?


MsSparrow said...

the sheer randomness of how people find their way to your blog boggles the mind. But hey, it might bring new readers so at least something good comes out of it. Plus it gives you new blog topics so there is that too *laugh*

Teresa said...

I've been asking myself the same question about me.....cuz I've got plenty to share.