Sunday, January 02, 2011



I picked it. "Adventure" is what I wanted to manifest in 2011 - adding adventure to each day in some way. There's no escaping it. I wrote it down and "published" it here, didn't I?

Luckily, two days into the new year, I've still got a great attitude about it *laughing*.

I suppose that's because finding adventure yesterday was as easy as pie (ohmygawd PIE!)...or, in this case, as easy as cinnamon rolls. And it certainly didn't hurt to have two companions who didn't roll their eyes at me when I said, "Let's go on an adventure to Johnson's Corner for cinnamon rolls!" and, instead, exclaimed, "Yes!"...with feeling.

Thus, 2011 began in the best possible way...with three enthusiastic people, braving the cold, roadtripping north an hour, listening to PM Dawn's Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto, telling silly jokes, and taking pictures to document it. For all time.

Contrary to what the sign says, they don't serve gas for lunch. Heartburn, yes. Gas? No.
Good sports
Truck Stop'll put hair on your chest
Gorgeous - just as pretty as she was in the 8th grade
You're taking my picture, aren't you?
Acr0nym in the middle of the road. There were cows too...but not in the road.

This adventure thing is kinda awesome!

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