Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Fodder

Last weekend, we finally had our first major snowfall of the season.

'Bout time.

At my house, we received approximately 7 inches...a nice, sort of secretarial delight of an amount1. And, since we're at garden level and virtually every window (not many) means eye level is level with the ground, I took some pictures. It's an interesting perspective. Frankly, I'd love to, one day, sit with my blinds open and capture the feet passing by on the street. But that's a little creepy and probably non-consensual.


So last Sunday, I took a few pictures. None of them were terribly interesting. But since I'm practicing my photography skills, I'll post a couple of them here for your pleasure. They aren't ribbed.

This image is actually a 14x zoom and picked up the lawn across the street.

Gratuitous pussy shot. This is what Vinny does when he wants attention and doesn't think I'm giving it to him. It's just as creepy as me sitting here taking pictures of the feet of strangers.

1: Inside joke probably no one in the world but me and Travis Hallmark would get...wherever he may be.

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