Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Behold the Power

Last night, Lex, who is optimistic about nothing - especially not anything government related - sent me the link to this video:

This prompted an incredible discussion...a discussion in which Lex, of all people, expressed a growing sense of optimism over the renewed viability of peaceful protest to impact change due, in large part, to social media.

Witness in the last month:

What started as peaceful protests in Tunisia (once the military got involved to "quell the unrest", the protests turned deadly), leads to President Ben Ali fleeing with his family to Saudi Arabia, an Interpol arrest warrant attached to his back.

Thousands of Jordanians organize and execute their first peaceful protest, calling for the resignation of the prime minister. Jordan's King Abdullah subsequently appoints a brand new government.

Peaceful protests in Egypt swell to hundreds of thousands and eventually force the resignation of President Mubarek, ending a 30-year reign.

Before the protestors in Yemen can even convene, President Saleh announces he will not run for re-election or appoint his son as his successor. A "Day of Rage" protest convenes anyway and ends peaceably after just a few hours.

Now Libya. While not peaceful - due to Gadhafi's maniacal orders to kill - lead to defections by his own military. It's only a matter of time.

The entire middle east - Iran, Syria, Morocco, et al - are organizing protests against oppressive government.

And right here, in the United States, peaceful protest is, at the very least, calling into question oppressive government. The citizens of Wisconsin are not taking an oppressive power-mongering bill lying down. They're organizing, convening, expressing discontent.

The outcome is, as of now, unclear. However, Governor Walker continues to muck about in his own shit quite handily and subsequently broadcasting it across the internet. He is, for all intents and purposes, finished politically. At least, that's how it appears based on what I'm seeing on Facebook and Twitter.

What got me about the above video - the shot that made me burst into tears (cuz you know that's what I do) - was the shot of the signs that read, "Detroit is Here with You" and "Baltimore is Here with You".

No. The entire nation - the world - is here with you.

Regardless of your personal opinion about organized labor, behold. The power of the people. The power of social media.

Eclectic Electric...Power to the People.

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