Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Confiscate My Geek Cred Card...It's OK. I Don't Deserve It.

Geek FAIL.

I hear references to "soylent green". All. The. Time.

Usually, I tend to let the reference fly right over my head and not think twice about it. But when it was mentioned in relation to sushi tonight by Naked Jen on the Facebook, something clicked in my head and I said - out loud, "Hello, Google. It's time to know what the hell soylent green is."


Occasionally I amaze myself with what I don't know. How did I:

A) Not know about the movie Soylent Green and
B) Not think to Google it before now?

Photo courtesy of IMDB


I mean really.

As an aside, what did we do before Google?


Anonymous said...

Before Google, people used libraries and I had a job. :)

MsSparrow said...

I have to admit that I was really disappointed to hear that you had never seen Soylent Green, I mean it's Charlton Heston! I am rather fond of that movie and not just because of Heston, it also has Edward G Robinson in his last film appearance. It's not a terribly good movie but then again I am a fan of cheesy sci-fi. *laugh*

I also am rather fond of the Wumpscut song Soylent Green...