Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is Why Acr0nym is my BFF

Just in case you needed further proof of the kick-assedness of Acr0nym, here ya go. From a recent chat conversation:

Acr0nym: Wow. I think I'm approaching actual brain death. In case it comes up, here's my medical directive:

I don't wanna be kept alive by machines for more than 168 hours if I'm unresponsive. ;)

me: Ha! Alrighty then.

Acr0nym: This transcript should TOTALLY stand up in court.

me: Duh. Of course it will.

Acr0nym: Also, go to my house and take my computers so my mom doesn't see my porn. ;)

me: Done.

Acr0nym: Heh.

me: Can I have your liquor? And your head?

Acr0nym: Yeah, but Matt'll prolly argue about whose liquor is whose. And, uh, sure. I want the rest cremated.

me: K. I'm going to take your head to the taxidermist like Mar did w/Stinky. And then I'm going to disco ball it.

Acr0nym: Okay. Include my brain in the cremation, then. Also, awesome.

me: No way. Brain's mine.

Acr0nym: Okay, put it in a GOOD jar.

me: I'll take the one off your front porch. The one with the soy sauce in it.

Acr0nym: Jeebus! Heh. It looks like a brain died in there NOW.

me: I know. That's how I know it's a GOOD jar.


Geekin' Hard said...

I clearly need better friends...

Kristin said...

Ha! You two make me smile!