Friday, March 04, 2011

Like a Rekkid

Dizzying, somewhat elating, while maintaining a razor sharp edge.

If you know the Spins, you know what they're about. We're an elite class, the Spinners, least, I hope we're elite. I'd hate to think more of us had to go through what we had to in order to get initiated into this club.

Know the spins well enough and you can see them marching in two by two (hurrah hurrah) as they prepare to lay waste to every happy thought in your head. The Spins...the oldest of all companions. Even older than Brad.

Even if you do know them well, they can surprise you by an ambush...guerrilla attack...when you least expect them.

Sometimes, you call them over and invite them in - gladly - knowing that even though what you're about to feel is going to feel worse than awful, it's better than not feeling anything at all. Because nothing feels worse than feeling nothing. Right?

Of course, if you're me, and the Spins come a knockin', you just watch this cheese and start to laugh and Spin in the opposite direction.

Cuz I'm thinking, "Thank you, Baby Jeebus, for not letting me take myself quite as seriously as this guy."

WAAA HAAA HAAA! Oh Baby Jeebus. I think I must be crazy.

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