Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things That Have Made Me Happy Just Today

1) I'm a HUGE Zelda fan. Huge, I say. Specifically, I'm a huge Ocarina of Time fan.

At one point in the game, Link goes to Goron City and, while he's there, this is the music that plays:

I'd even totally recommend it as safe for my mom. Hi, Mom! Dare I say Bahamas to you? I. Love. This. Music.

And today, Acr0nym sent me an mp3 of it. Hey, Acr0nym? I heart your face.

He also sent me mp3's that I'm now using as my notification tones on my Droid. The first, for my text notification, is Navi saying, "Hello! Look!" The other, for my e-mail notification, is the sound one would get when they received another heart piece container. Again, all from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But you'd only really understand if you'd played the game. Like, a lot.

I am such a dork.

2) And then there's what I had for dinner:

Mini blueberry pies from scratch - still warm from the oven. Oh yeah, Baby (I only ate one, FYI).

3) Then there were mid-day clandestine virtual work smooches.

4) And also? Being reminded of this song (probably not recommended for The Mama...I think she'd think it was too loud):

I saw these guys live in the mid-90's. Toward the end of the show (in San Bernardino, Armpit of America), they asked for requests. I requested Rosemary. I swear. Crickets chirped. But they played it. Just for me. And I'll never forget it.

5) Realizing that Peej not only kicks ass but is now Chuck Norris.

6) Having had the following conversation with Acr0nym yesterday:

me: Have you ever considered that I may be crazy?Acr0nym: Yes, absolutely.
me: And?Acr0nym: You don't seem any crazier than a vast number of other people I know.In fact, saner.

  Also, asking "Am I crazy?" is actually EXTREMELY rare for actual crazy people.me: HA! True.  Good to know.Just wondering if you think I'm as crazy as I wonder if I am.Acr0nym: Oh, except for multiple personality disorder, seeing stuff other personalities have done. Those guys ask it.  Also, no, I almost certainly don't.It's like art, or writing. Self-criticism is way higher than actually generated by externals.  Wow. That sentence SUCKED.me: heh. I got your point.
  Also, I don't have multiple personalities.
  Just the one.
  That's way more than enough.OK good. Occasionally paranoia sets in after a particularly embarrassing meltdown and I just wanted to check that you A) don't think I'm ALL THAT crazy (like the drunken lady crazies the other Matts were talking about yesterday) and B) that you still adore me even if I am full of crazy.Acr0nym: Oh, heh, nah, your meltdowns are actually pretty tame.... Like, for example, you didn't tip ANYONE'S scooter over, or leave in handcuffs.
  And, B) is true.
And then waking up this morning to find this post from the Divatologist and realizing that, just because I know I'm crazy, doesn't mean I'm alone in my bullshit. The Divatologist and the Maestro give me hope (which she would also say is bullshit...hope, that is.)

I love you, guys.

7) Realizing that the work I thought I had to delve deeply into had already been done a few years' back and what I really needed was just to re-visit the homestead, take a look around, and go, "Yeah. No. We don't live here anymore."

8) Coffee. Specifically Coda Coffee. I'm fairly certain Tim and Tommy are 2 of my favorite people pretty much ever. Which means so is TC who introduced me to the Thwaites and their coffee. Thanks, TC! I won't see you Friday but maybe we can meet up for coffee sometime next week?

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's another mini pie I have to eat.

Damn! I do make a mighty fine pie crust.

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MsSparrow said...

that was my toned down entry by the way...
but thanks for comparing me to Chuck Norris!