Sunday, April 03, 2011

Choose Your Own Title

Have you ever stopped to consider what you want and realize that, with the exception of more counter space and no debt, you've got just exactly what you want?

Perhaps I'd not ever pondered the question properly or perhaps it's because, until now, I've always found something lacking or perhaps it's just that I'm usually so worried about only asking for what I need I don't pause to recognize it's good to want.

Regardless, on Wednesday, it occurred to me with a resounding smack of satisfaction, I've got just what I want (with the exception of more counter space and no debt). As I let that knowledge sink in, I savored the sweetness of it and wished I could somehow capture the feeling, to take a snapshot of the rare beauty of the moment.

Subsequently, I've had several of the nicest days I can remember having. Here are some of the highlights:

- Coffee with Batman.

- A trip to the state capitol with the Divatologist for the House Judiciary Committee hearing on SB172 - the civil unions bill (it didn't make it out of committee sadly) followed by patio wine and visiting with lovely stitch 'n bitchers.

- A Grotto wine night - something I hadn't done in ages - with Peej and modchen complete with cheese and brownies and girl talk and giggles and, OK fine, tears. Hormones. Sheesh. (As an aside, Lex quoted a line from Arrested Development and, after modifying it a bit, said it sums me up - I've got two things in me most of the time - an estrogen pill and a bottle of wine.)

- Setting free an unnecessary expectation from its cage and watching it fly away...gladly.

- A Saturday afternoon with Lex, lying on my bed with our kitty, helping guide him through a meditation of sorts. Having him say, "I came in here because I thought you needed me. But as soon as I got here, I forgot why I'd come. You just Know, don't you? You create amazing space." That, Lovely Readers, was a plump, juicy compliment to end all compliments.

- A fabulous evening with Acr0nym at the '80s vinyl night - jam packed with tourists - and full of kisses and laughter and energy. Roland seemed to have taken a peek at my "getting ready to go out" playlist as he played the two songs I listen to first and most often and I sang AND danced. Rare indeed. It was one of the oddest nights I've experienced there certainly. But it was also a lot of fun!

- And now, today, brunch at P17 with O and Lex followed by cheese making class and then coffee at the Matt Haus.

Life. It's so very good.

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