Monday, May 09, 2011

Gratitude. It's Everywhere You Want to Be

Mornings are for hope.
Evenings are for gratitude.
- Jane, In Her Infinite Wisdom

Schmutzie, one of the crazy bloggers I follow, started a project awhile back - the Grace in Small Things project - as "a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook." She started the website and invited others to participate by taking note of small things for which each person was grateful.

This is not new.

Gratitude journals have been around as long as Oprah's been on the air which is to say eleventy-billion years. And, while I can certainly understand the benefit of keeping a gratitude journal, frankly? It's a little bit too touchy, feely, woo woo, hippie love for me.

Hard to believe. Yes, I know (flipping every last one of you the bird hee hee. But *smooches*! All the same).

However, there's a lot to be said for identifying and allowing yourself to feel gratitude. Even if it's for the very smallest of things (like a cuppa joe). Those are things...those little tiny things...that put a little bit of joy in our lives and remind us that, no matter how hard it feels...

Life. It's Good.

So...because I was reminded of how good it can feel to express gratitude by a friend (via Facebook, of course) today, I will tell you these things I'm grateful for tonight.

1) The way Vinny makes Jack Nicholson/Christian Slater eyes at me when I'm snuggling on him and he's content.
2) How fabric softener smells on freshly laundered clothes.
3) That James Cameron writes some of the best (mis)quotable dialogue evah! (Thanks for the laugh, O. ‎"It will be dark soon, and the neo-cons mostly come at night. Mostly." Hee hee hee.)
4) How gmail groups message threads into one e-mail message (handy when there is a glitchy computer from which a Facebook comment was made and subsequently got posted 218 times).
5) The wonderful people in my life.


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