Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So There

1. If there is one single physical attribute of my mother's I would have loved to inherit, it would have been her slender figure. Instead? I inherited her leg cramps. YOWCH!

I've got night 3 under my belt of waking up to the grips of charley horses in my inner thighs. This, for the record, hurts. I know it's from all the exercise I'm doing which is a good thing. But couldn't I have a better trade off than sleep interruption and pain? Luckily, the cure comes in the form of (no, not tonic) EmergenC. Awesome stuff. Just wish I could remember to drink it BEFORE I go to sleep.

2. In last night's post, (Re)Discovery of Them Insights, I revealed parts of a personality survey I'd taken a couple of years ago...those parts that bothered me the most. While I did state these are all things I know to be true about myself - and I know this through years of self-assessment, I would like to also state that, I've made tremendous strides to consciously keep myself in balance most of the time so that I'm taking just as good of care of myself as I do others. However, as you all well know, I'm just now coming back into balance after a period of giving away huge portions of my energy to a variety of sources and that's what's frustrating. Knowing that, during times of great stress, I revert to muscle memory and conditioned response...even when consciously I know better.

3. The Divatologist - also last night - was in particularly fantastic form in her post Save Me. I suspect it's another composite sketch of various characters in her life. And while I do not assume it's about me, it certainly did strike a chord in that, while I've been distracted from the knowledge that we are all alone, I was recently reminded that I actually prefer living in that space most of the time and have since I learned that lesson lo those many years ago. I'm not immune to the loneliness of life and relishing the distractions and diversions with eagerness and enthusiasm. I just recognize them for what they are...

4. Which is why I have no expectations and,

5. Why I never say forever.

6. Here is one additional "insights":

"Jane is optimistic and positive, living mainly in the here and now. Seen by others as spontaneous and charming, Jane is persuasive, loves surprises and enjoys finding unique ways of bringing delight and unexpected pleasure to others. Her common-sense denotes a practical ability with people and things. She relies on what she can hear, see and know from first hand experience. She tries to live each moment as a satisfying personal experience."

All of that is true too. And that? Is also who I am day to day.

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