Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunshine and Cinnamon Rolls

I have the day off.

It's nearing apoca-audit season and soon I won't be able to take a day off for any reason so, at my boss's insistence, I've scheduled a long weekend this weekend and another extra long weekend (4-day) in June. I've got to be rested and rejuvenated for the coming mayhem after all...

You know, unless the Rapture happens tomorrow and then I'm pretty sure an audit won't be necessary.

So! I'm taking advantage of this day to power down and relax. It's scheduled to include:

Good coffee.
A road trip with the BFF for antique shopping and thrift store poking.
Johnson's Corner cinnamon rolls (flavor of the month is raspberry cream cheese - oh my).
A nap.
A bath.
More coffee or possibly wine with another friend.
A field trip to the suburbs for a Synapse show.
And then bed.

It's gonna be a great day *smile*.

1 comment:

MsSparrow said...

yes it is! see you tonight lady.