Saturday, June 04, 2011

I Haven't Involved Alcohol So This is (Probably) a Good Idea

There is one creative thing I know how to do really well. Or should I say there is one creative thing I know I know how to do really well. And that is taking a theme and running with it.

It's how Lex's Conspiracy Theory Party included the Warren Commission Souffle and introduced the world to two new cocktails - the Jack Ruby Red and the Lee Harvey Oswaldbanger (comes with a complimentary second shooter).

It's how the Dennis Hopper tribute night included severed ear cookies and Napalm in the Morning cocktails.

It's how my prom weekend - of which I've been thinking a lot about lately - was, aside from the after-prom fiasco, one of the most kick ass weekends for me and Brad both. (Dammit, Brad! I love you but really? Really?! *sigh*)

But it's not just with parties. When I'm inspired, I do it with gifts and dates and just random care packages. And I'm awesome at it.

For instance, when J* and I started dating, our first official date was an all day affair and took us from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo all the way up to the wilds of Broomfield. And then, for Christmas, I "re-created" that first date with various gifts.

It was in the Rage Against the Machine birthday box for Jeff.

It was in the Jane's Box o' Fun care packages I would send to Andy while he was on the streets.

It was in the Sweet 16 bag I gave to my best friend (at the time), Denise.

It was in the book I made for Drew.

It was in the Alice in Wonderland weekend for Miss Jonnie.

It was in the piles of letters chock full of randomness I would send to Big Matty in the pen.

It's just...this is what I DO. It makes me happy! It (usually) makes other people happy!

But the last time I did anything at all like this, it blew up in my face. I've had it fall a little flat sometimes but never uh...nevermind. The shrapnel is still being dug out of my backside on that one. It wasn't anyone's fault. It was just...the worst idea I've ever had.

So my confidence is a little on the shaky side.

But! Because I don't take heed, apparently, I'm at it again. Certainly on a much smaller scale this time. The scope is limited to what I can fit in a plain, brown grocery sack - which is, oddly, how the Original Jane's Box o' Fun got its start. And I've had a blast over the last couple of days, brainstorming, planning, collecting, and laughing all the while.

But I'm a little nervous.

I need a win.

Wish me luck.

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