Monday, July 25, 2011

Music to my Ears

You want to know what's cool?

Hearing an acquaintance/friend's band for the first time - hoping it's good but cringing a little thinking it might be bad - and getting blown away.

Meet Jessie's band - Alameda.

Jessie (the cellist) is a close friend of Lex's. She sleeps at our house when she comes through town and is an absolute delight. The fact that she plays cello - my all time favorite instrument - is a bonus. She's just...all of her...100% of the awesome.

I had no idea she was so talented.

So when Lex told me she was coming through and would be playing with her new band at the Underground Music Showcase (UMS) this weekend just past, I was delighted to see her and also curious (all the while a little anxious) to hear what they'd sound like.

So I did some poking and found their website and the above video.

After watching the video at least eleventy-billion times, I was compelled to write her a note and leave it on her pillow just in case I missed her to tell her how fantastic I thought they were.

Luckily, I didn't miss her. I got to gush all over her and exclaim excitedly that I must have a copy...well, OK 2 copies...of the CD because it was just that good.

I needed 2 copies because of the other really cool part.

Because today? When I got to work? I slipped a copy of the CD into the box of a certain new program director for a new music format debuting in October.

Of course, I'd already e-mailed him late into the night Saturday night - in my jubilation at finding something incredible and new, I forgot that it could probably wait until Monday *laugh*.

His response to my e-mail and the video and the CD was to say this was right down our new alley and he found the video and music delightful.

Me too, Professor. Me too.

This? Makes me happy. The music and the ability to put the music into the hands of someone who can help.

Oh. Huh. Another catalyst for (potential) change moment. This time though, I can't lose.

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