Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Plantar Ain't No Peanut

A few weeks ago, I started to experience a weird, sharp pain in the bottom of my heel in my left foot. It seemed to be the worst first thing in the morning and would get (mostly) progressively better the more I walked around on it.

So I walked around on it as much as possible.

About a week ago though, it started to get worse - to the point where it would take me a couple of minutes just standing still upon first getting out of bed before I could walk without crying out.

Three days ago, not even walking around helped much. It was just a constant stab and Stab and STAB every time I stepped.

So yeah. I finally went to the doctor.

Plantar fasciitis. w00t.

Luckily, treatment is the foot as much as possible for at least a week, stretch, wear comfortable shoes with good arch support, and ice + anti-inflammatory medication as necessary.

Oh! Yeah. Easy. Except for the resting part. Not so easy right smack dab in the middle of preparing for audit. I swear I put a mile on my feet every day just walking to the printer and back.

I sense a cast in my future.


Diva said...



But as the Maestro likes to say, "This will all be over soon." I know it doesn't help much, but hey, he's never claimed to be the least bit helpful. Unless you wanna check the air in your tires, anyway.

zero hour said...

mine went away a lot after I stopped working retail and I started Yoga
Hang in there Audit girl