Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bring Me a Present!

It's funny just how many people will think to bring you a present when you say, as they are getting ready to leave on a trip, "Bring me a present!"

Hee hee.

Trust me.

It totally works. I have the ginormous pencil and pen collection from all over the world brought to me by several work colleagues to prove it.

This "bring me a present" thing, for me, started probably 30+ years ago when my mom started traveling a lot for her job. It became sort of a joke because, for much of the time, she was traveling around the state of Wyoming and really? There isn't very much special about Gillette you'd want to commemorate with an item branded "GILLETTE".

But I'd say it anyway...more of an adieu/I love you/I'll miss you than an actual plea for presents.

Note: I don't actually have anything that says "Gillette" on it...besides a razor.

So, last year, as Acr0nym was getting ready to head off to Vegas for Defcon 18, a conversation on Facebook took place (as much as I can remember) as follows:

Acr0nym: Headed to Vegas!
Jane: Bring me a present!
Peej: Bring me a present too!
Jane: Peej? I will cut you.

I wasn't serious, of course. I'm terrified of wielding knives.

Nor was I serious about getting a present.

But...if you've ever met Acr0nym, there's one thing you'll know for certain. He ain't stingy.

So, when he came back with two ginormous pens with "Las Vegas" etched into them - one for me, one for Peej - you shouldn't be surprised. It was fabulous!

But then? Then there was something else...a little something just for me. Something that surprised and delighted me to no end. Something that, it would appear, has become a Defcon tradition.

Meet Mack...

Defcon 18

And his son, Mack Jr...

Defcon 19

Knives. Cheesy, sub-par, truck stop knives...just like me.

The better to cut you with, My Dear.


Diva said...

Those. Are. AWESOME.

Matt rocks. Like you didn't know that. *laugh*

Anonymous said...

Sexy Knives!!!