Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tired but Satisfied

This has been, in some ways, one of the nicest, most relaxing weekends I can remember having in quite awhile.

Even though the absence of Acr0nym especially has been weird and strangely hard - we've not gone this long without talking at all pretty much ever since we met with the exception of last year's Defcon and then my cruise during which there was no way to communicate - having D&D here from Seattle and spending the majority of my weekend in their company was certainly a most welcome and delightful diversion.

It was a weekend full of brunches, wine, clubbing, and friends...some I see frequently, some I don't see frequently enough. Even Lex came out to the club last night with an old friend of his (who we rarely see) and had a great time. It was good energy almost all around.

Tomorrow it's back to work audit stress, Lex's car stress, foot stress. But tonight? I'm just happy to say I got to ride on a few rainbows and bubbles and puppies and kittens this weekend. This? This is good.

I'm almost there. I can feel the difference.

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