Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Runnin' with the Devil

It's the eve of the American Gods & Middle America Roadside Attractions Road Trip 2011.

That's right.

Acr0nym and I leave tomorrow afternoon for a 5 1/2 day 2,200+ mile epic journey through America's heartland in search of the World's Largest [insert thing here] tour. The cookies are baked, the liquor's packed, the road trip playlist has been created. We're ready.

First stop? Lebanon, KS - the geographical center of the coterminous United States (mentioned in American Gods).

After that? We've poured for hours over the roadside attractions on the Roadside America website, picking and choosing what we wanted to see as we wind our way up to Wisconsin and the House on the Rock (also a nod to American Gods) and over to Milwaukee (because, according to Acr0nym, if we're that close to a Great Lake, ought we not see it? Good point).

Where we stop is a secret known only to us and the Roadside America website whose trip mapping tool we used to create a trip and then load it up into the GPS.

If you are interested in following along, consider friending our roamin' gnome, Hans Gothwökkit, on Facebook. He'll be, I'm sure, uploading pictures of his adventures at regular intervals. And, of course, I'll attempt to blog as often as possible. You needn't bother with Acr0nym's blog. He doesn't actually really blog (oh yeah, I so totally went there "wup ah!").

Additionally, there are sure to be a few *ahem* secret surprises for some (at least one) of you along the way.

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