Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get Out of Jail Free Card

I am playing my "Get Out of [NaBloPoMo] Jail Free Card" tonight.

I've been working on a blog post but it is, as yet, unfinished and, since it could be highly volatile, I need to sit on it for a few sleeping hours.

Those of you who are new to NaBloPoMo are still concerned about content. Sometimes, it isn't about quality as much as it is about quantity.

For me, tonight is simply about posting. Period. Nothing more.

I'm 100% OK with that. Are you?


The Host said...

I think you are absolutely allowed to have a one (or five) "I posted today" posts. I'd love to have a huge repertoire of posts in draft to draw from, but I'm just not that organized. Or I just don't take it that seriously. Whatever. We'll see you tomorrow!

Masked Mom said...

As a six-year NaBloPoMo veteran, I support this concept completely. My November archives are awash in what I call "cop-out" posts. In years past, I have considered it a challenge to come up with more creative ways to cop-out--including a post that was a round-up of cop-out posts from the past and one post that was made up entirely of the word "blah." (I called it my "Blahg Post.")

Michael said...

It's very difficult to come up with 30 consecutive posts that mean something which is why I think NaNo and NaBlo and any other Na acronym (not to be confused with Acr0nym and his amazing collection of cool stuff) is sort of a silly thing. It's good writing practice and a very good way to meet new people and I appreciate it for that, but other than that? I don't know. I'm looking forward to a potentially volatile posting! I'm not good with those. I think I'd need an anonymous blog to be truly volatile.

Ernie Hendrix said...

For some reason Blogger won't let me post on your site while I'm in IE. So now I'm trying in Firefox.

Looking forward to seeing the "volatile" post, it should make for interesting reading.

(Ms) Ernie

alienbody said...

Waiting anxiously!

Lucy said...

Oh, what a great teaser and way to use it as a post for a post I can't wait to read! I use jokes/cartoons on Saturdays and Pictures on Sundays because my brain needs a break and those are my two days!!!