Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Variety Pack

I sat down on Sunday with three extraordinary women to record the 4th episode of Sharp Pointy Objects. This time, the panel was selected because all three are or were sex workers - phone sex workers, escorts, domatrix. I didn't really go in with an agenda. During the recording we touched briefly on what's been going on politically with women and our bodies but mostly I let the conversation flow in the direction they took it - and, trust me, they took it to some places I'd never considered. Afterward, exhausted and, yet, exhilarated, I drove home and thought to myself how fortunate I am to have such a diverse group of friends and resources in my life. I know geeks, hackers, sex workers, politicians, lobbyists, reporters, baristas, conspiracy theorists, stand up comics, artists, musicians, holistic food educators, mathematicians, poets, photographers, therapists, DIY experts, cartoonists, cheese specialists, DJs, engineers, geologists, sociologists, and every other -ologist you can think of. I know day sleepers, night sleepers, and weekend warriors. I know CLOWNS. I know gay people, straight people, queer people, ambiguous people, and transgender people. I don't even know all the titles and distinctions of everyone I know.

How in the world did I get so lucky to know and love so many amazing, smart, interesting, strange, gorgeous people? How? Especially when I don't think I'm particularly interesting. These fascinating people chose me as a friend. That's...wow. Extremely flattering.

Buckle up and stay tuned. Wow. Because wow. Just...wow!!!


Gaelyn said...

Just face it, you are an interesting character.

Can't wait to hear this podcast.

Hope you are not near the fire.

Railgap said...

You wouln't have had the opportunity to know so many amazing people if they hadn't thought you worth getting to know as well.

spux said...

^^ What Gomez said :-D

cdnkaro said...

I agree with Gomez as well! It's not by chance, silly! p.s. Can't wait to hear this episode...it's kinda mean to start teasing us weeks in advance though!!

alienbody said...

Knowing folks from all those avenues has got to be fascinating! You get perspectives that so many are not privy to. I'm looking forward to listening.

Lucy said...

I would say it is because you are fascinating too :)

Masked Mom said...

And we're lucky that you're passing that luck along to all of us! :)

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