Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sharp Pointy Objects: Episode 5...It's Live

I've often talked about my friend, Bomb Betsy, charter member of the Ducks 'n Puppies.

Bomb Betsy, Sufi Mag-to-the-Pie PIE, and Devo Was Right at Thanksgiving 2011
But I haven't told you much about the circumstances surrounding just how she ended up in Denver, how she and I met, and how we became friends.

That just changed.

On April 8, Betsy sat down with me to record an episode of Sharp Pointy Objects.

I am touched and honored that she would come talk with me about her story because her story is so amazing...and sad...and scary...and hopeful.

I love Betsy. Everyone who meets Betsy loves Betsy. I suspect, if you'll take a listen, that you'll love Betsy too.

Part 1: Taking the Girl Out of Wyoming

Part 2: Taking the Shrapnel Out of the Girl

I hope you'll honor Betsy by listening to her story. It's worth every life-affirming moment. I promise.

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Masked Mom said...

Blocking out some time on one or the other of my days off for this. Looking forward to it.