Thursday, June 07, 2012

I Hear the Rain

This has been such a good night.

There's a storm - rain, thunder, lightning - that's been slowly circulating over the heads of all Denverites and its suburban brethren since 8 o'clock (20:00 hours for those military time fiends out there).

It's after midnight now as I sit, quietly, in front of two, wide open, garden level windows inhaling drenched, urban earth air. I know I should go to bed, HAVE to go to bed. I'm going to hurt so much in the morning for having stayed up so late. But I can't seem to make myself say goodnight to this night, to this storm.

I'll write later about the Denver Masticators and our monthly foray into the wilds of Denver and its suburban (afforadable) delectable noms that just happened. Tonight's is post worthy, for sure.

This moment though...this moment is for thunder, for lightning, for rain. All the things - the wild wild things - coming together to lay a blanket over that - the wild wild things - which I cannot - nay, should not - analyze or control.


cdnkaro said...

I LOVE storms. Something about that raw, wild power unleashed thrills me every time:)

Gaelyn said...

There is power in the storm and freshness in the rain.

a.eye said...

I love storms!! Hope you were able to get some rest, though!

I'm digging that song, too.

Lucy said...

Depends on the type of storm for me and my location to it, literal and figuratively :)