Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hey! Didn't We Have a Podcast?

I miss my podcast.

OK fine. I miss our podcast - mine and Acr0nym's.

I had occasion to go back and listen to a portion of Episode 1 of Sharp Pointy Objects a few nights ago1. Subsequently, I listened to all of Bomb Betsy's Episode 5, Part 2 and all of Episode 3, Podcast 0. And you know what I found out? Having some distance between the interviews, I can now listen to them much more objectively and I hear something I'd never accepted before.

Particularly for a novice, We're damn good. Sincerely. Really really good.

It's not often I say that about something I've produced and especially not when I'm new at it. But I'm going to say it anyway because I actually believe it is true. We...I am good.

So why did we stop, you ask?

Here's what happened...

First, Acr0nym got a new job. And this new job? It comes with a doozy of a learning curve. Then, he and his roommate, the illustrious Jive Turkey, decided it was time for Jive Turkey to find other living arrangements 2 which would leave Acr0nym having his living space all to himself for the first time in more than a decade.

About the same time, I had a major shift occur at my own job. A change that's been exciting and happy but has also caused some training-related and major other-things-I-cannot-mention chaos as well as undefined job responsibilities which have kept me feeling as though I'm a fish out of water ever since.

Then I decided I was going to throw some creative energy into actually writing, you know, a couple of books and stuff. Which takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, Acr0nym was doing all sorts of Acr0nym-ism type stuff...starting seedlings, making plans to rearrange his house, drafting a SkyTalks talk for Def Con...

Oh yeah. Then Def Con madness hit and that's been a whirlwind.

So Sharp Pointy Objects? Fell completely off both our radars. So too did the upgrade and move of Jane In Her Infinite Wisdom off blogger and onto a more stable blogging platform and Acr0nym's server3.

But I told Acr0nym yesterday we had to start again. Because I miss it. I even think he misses it. We even went so far as to purchase a portable doo-hickey (that is the technical term for a portable digital audio recorder...uh...I think. What?! I'm not the audio engineer :p) so that we could take it on the road with us to Def Con. Not that I anticipate having any time where anyone will be relatively sober enough to interview. But we can test it out and record in the Intrepid on the way down.

Because we really need to start again. We're good. And we can only get better.

Here is to, hopefully, having new episodes for your listening pleasure soon.

1. Which was really kind of funny because, aside from the hilarity of the 3 women I had on the panel with me, you can totally hear, by the end, that I was obviously getting a cold. I'd forgotten that was the day I knew I was getting sick and was drinking hot tea and sucking on cough drops throughout the entire thing.

2. This was an amicable decision. Jive Turkey is full of win. It is my understanding they both felt as though they would rather remain close friends than continue to live together.

3. Dude, after Def Con, will you please please PRETTY FUCKING PLEASE get that security cert in place? I'll buy you a massage with a happy ending - make that two - if you'll just get that done. kthxbye


Margi said...

Looking forward to more. And yes, you are good. Work it, baby!

Gaelyn said...

You two make a great team. And, yes, YOU ARE GOOD. I miss your podcasts. Yet I know that life gets in the way of things sometimes. So when is this DefCon thing any way?