Friday, July 13, 2012

Not Actually About Brunch

Every time I go out to brunch, no matter the restaurant, I open the menu, I drool over all the delectable delights to choose from, daydreaming about pancakes dripping with melted butter and maple syrup...

And then I order the bacon and eggs.

Every time.

It's a lesson I learned some time ago. That even though the Belgian waffle is oh-my-gawd delicious, I will eat that Belgian waffle, keeping an envious eye on someone else smart enough to order the bacon and eggs, and then I'll push away from the table, ready for a nap while still feeling unsatisfied. So I stick to what I know will taste awesome and won't leave me wishing I'd ordered something else1.

Recently, I had a choice to was a bacon-and-egg vs. French toast kind of a choice really. It didn't seem particularly significant or earth-shattering at the time. Two options were presented, both, I knew, would be a great time either way, but, when push came to shove, I chose bacon and eggs.

And I didn't realize that's what I'd done in the moment I made my choice. It wasn't until later, when I laid in bed, sleep eluding me, that I knew I'd made my choice based on what would be fun and fulfilling in the long run and not just what would be kickass and sparkly for just a moment but ultimately leaving me wishing I'd done something entirely different.

Rarely do I know so quickly, if ever, that I've made the right decision...unless, you know, I'm at brunch and have ordered the bacon and eggs. This time, I just knew. It was right. And I liked it.

1: This philosophy only applies to brunch. Any other meal out and I'm much more adventurous.


Anonymous said...

I'll never learn. I have always picked that which will leave me feeling sick, too sick to try anything else, but still hungry.

Julie DeMille said...

It's taken me 45 years, but I finally figured out what is best- for eating anyway. As for other things, making that best choice is still a struggle.

Margi said...

I do this too. The other day I went with the drool and ordered eggs Benedict. Then I napped in the car on the way home from the restaurant. Mm. Bacon.