Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Notes to Self

1) Next time you leave work at dusk on a rainy-predicted-to-change-quickly-to-snow evening? Pee before you leave for what you know, beyond a doubt, will be an hour+ commute.

Your bladder will kindly thank you.

2) When the two best moments of your day - after what started off bad and just grew exponentially worse - are getting the best parking spot on your street and taking off your bra? Your expectations may need to be adjusted.

Aim low. You'll thank yourself.

3) Even though you know it's ridiculous to be proud of yourself for putting the appropriate amount of air pressure in your tires, filling up the windshield wiper fluid reservoir, and checking your oil after you gas up well ahead of the storm? Be proud of yourself anyway.

No one else will be as proud as you'd like or understand quite why that's such a big deal for you.

4) You know how you simplified that documentation so that anyone - ANYONE who can read and turn on a computer - could follow it and successfully complete a complicated process and then got criticized for it? Be glad you still know how to write for the most challenged user.

No one knows just when that documentation may come in handy. Regardless of the criticizer's reluctance to print out what she thinks she won't need. Guaranteed, she'll need at least 80% of it. Guaranteed. You'll see.

5) Remember how amazing it feels to shed the day as you peel off your clothes. Remember that, even though you only got time to eat half a small salad as your sustanence for the day, there are starving children in Africa who ate even less1. Remember that you've got a non-commute day tomorrow and be happy that the unexpected timing of the non-commute day combined with the crap weather is fortuitous. Remember that the reason you have a non-commute day tomorrow is because you've done a rather generous good deed. Remember that, even when your hopes are dashed in the morning, there is still plenty of gratitude for the night.

Remember that you're exhausted and over-extended and out of juice and that it is not only OK but preferred by everyone who loves you - yes, LOVES you - that you get some rest. Even if it means declining invitations you've already accepted. Even if it means not responding to e-mails. Even if it means some people who don't understand will hate you for it. Those who would resent you - hate you - for taking care of yourself don't care about anyone but themselves. 

Most importantly, remember...

If you don't take care of you, no one will.

1: Sad to think there are still starving children anywhere really.


Elaine Griffin said...

"If you don't take care of you, no one will." How true.

Kelly Robinson said...

Man, taking off the bra = highlight of the day. My friends know that once it comes off, I ain't goin' nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely want you to take care of yourself. Get some rest. Lots and lots of it. And then stretch, eat something warm and yummy, and then take a little more off-your-feet time.

NGS said...

I have an hour drive home from my workplace. I always kind of have to go to the bathroom when I leave, but ignore it *so I can get home quicker* but I always end up with PBS - Painful Bladder Syndrome - halfway home. I suck.

Masked Mom said...

Ahhh, the bra removal moment. Highlight of many a day here. Couldn't agree more with the adjusting expectations thing.

And, as always, I could stand to learn that "if you don't care of you, no one will" thing all over again.