Sunday, October 21, 2012

Proof of THE JANE

If you read the entry I posted last night about The Monstrosity of Wonder lovingly nicknamed *THEJANE* and were disappointed that there was nary a picture to be had of it, I present to you photographic evidence of what faeries wear...

Naked Jen last night at the SLC airport baggage claim

Now do y'all understand the sheer scope of this thing? The magic and love in that skirt is greater than all of us combined.



Gaelyn said...

I love it! Did she actually wear it on the plane? Probably easier than packing it.

Now where's the pic of your costume?

Margi said...

I want to know if anyone said anything. Did anyone notice? Did the TSA freak out?

Anonymous said...

Man, I love it when people are brave enough to really be themselves. All sorts of awesome.