Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Do Not Do

I was just washing the carafe to my coffeemaker and noticed some warnings printed on it.

Not unusual.

Typical warnings like:
"Do not drop."
"Do not clean with abrasives."

However, about halfway through the list of "Do Not Do's", I came to this one...

"Do not hold over a person's head."

Uhm, wait, what?

I don't really think the type of person who would hold a carafe of hot coffee over someone else's head is much in a place of heeding warning labels.

Or maybe the warning is not a literal one but a figurative as in "Do not hold it over someone's head that you have coffee and they don't."

Perhaps I ought to contact Mr. Coffee and ask for clarification.

In either case, it's not nice to hold coffee over anyone's head.

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