Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Risky Business

I have many many fine qualities and skills.

Texting quickly and accurately, unfortunately, is not one of them. In fact, my niece and nephew of the bionic thumbs, have reduced me to the butt of many a texting joke because I am so painfully slow.

So when I discovered this newfangled dealy-bopper1 called T9 - or predictive text technology, I thought my texting prayers had been answered. T9 allows words to be entered into a text message with a single button press by utilizing a stored dictionary of common words. You can see, I'm sure, how this might be helpful to a sadly text-challenged, but otherwise hip, woman.

However, there are dangers lurking everywhere.

The following is a true story but not about me (hi mom):

It was the middle of the night when a man and woman, separated by several blocks and a liquor-induced inability to drive, began a conversation via text message. Truth be known, it was more accurately a sexting session. The woman, having newly discovered the joys of the T9 technology, felt confident she could keep up her end of the conversation...

And she did! Things were definitely heating up and both were enjoying the scene immensely until, just at the most critical moment, her lover received this (represented here in graphic detail2):

Oh yes baby!

T9 has been turned off...for good.

1: technical term

2: Thanks to O, the best graphic designer among the Gabor's crew.


newt said...

hmmm...feeling a bit thick here...duck my...? dog? puppy? bitch? ummm....

<---sadly old, and out of date...

adult bevvies in our future?

Just Jane said...

It is, in fact, duck my puppy. If you think about what could have been inputted for the T9 to think that phrase, in the heat of the moment, is what one would be texting, it'll make perfect sense. Because T9 has absolutely no sense of appropriateness.