Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wow! Really?!


The question:

Random Stranger: "So have you ever been married?"
Me: "Nope. Never."
RS: "Wow! Really?!"

And that's when I see it...the brain cogs slowing grinding into motion as RS considers this and comes up with 2 conclusions...

A) There is something wrong with me.
B) I'm a lesbian.

First of all, I am not a lesbian. While I do have certain celebrity crushes I will post about later, I'm mostly into men.

Secondly, there is not much wrong with me that isn't "wrong" with everyone else. I'm 37. I have some bags (a couple I carry under my eyes after a long night). I also seem to think fairly often that it is, in fact, all about me1.

What I don't have is a second head growing out of my stomach...especially not one who is the leader of the mutant revolution2.

I have never been in prison (I've been to a prison but never required to be there...there is a distinction).

I don't spit when I talk (mostly).

I'm not addicted to drugs.

No, I suppose what I really am is particular.

You see, I was proposed to once. By someone I even thought I was in love with for a bazillion years (OK 7 years). The problem was that I think I was mostly in love with getting him to love me and it took me 7 years for him to A) love me and/or B) admit it. But once he'd done that, I came to the realization that, while we loved each other, he also wasn't ever steadily employed 3, never wanted to leave Southern California, had the foulest mouth, not to mention having the craziest mother of all time.

I ended our relationship 6 months later. I was 28. And all of a sudden out of the prime marriage window.

Now I'm just...settled in spinsterhood I suppose. I have had boyfriends (and one girlfriend) since then. I've even lived with one or two. None of which actually "worked out" to the marriage point and I'm OK with that. I lead an ultra-hip, urban, glamorous life4 with lots of friends, lots of wine, and lots of


But there's nothing actually WRONG with me. I'm serially single...and loving it.

1: I read something once...that everyone is 80% focused on ourselves 100% of the time. What counts is what we do with the other 20%.

2: As in Kuato from Total Recall.

3: Unless drinking beer and brainstorming ways to get money to buy more beer counts as employment.

4: In my head.


Bijou said...

Good for you, my beaUtiful Janeth! The whole concept of marriage as our society understands it is in a total state of redefinition now anyway! Absolutely nothing wrong with living a glamorous urban life with lots of good friends! A way of life which runs much more eloquently when one happens to be...well, SINGLE! Muuaaahh!

Just Jane said...

It helps when all of my glamorous friends are also single, Bradley. Now! What say you wine and patio night at YOUR house (because one can never have too many wine and patio nights, eh?)?

The Tacky American said...

yay you darling! Though, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with marriage either. Especially when you find someone who will buy shoes for me to wear for Jane!

Just Jane said...

Yay for sexy shoe buying fiances!