Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shark Juice

I was a weird kid.

This should come as no surprise considering I'm kind of a weird adult. Not the weirdest by any stretch know...quirky.

Subsequently, my relationship with food is also weird.

Growing up, I liked pretty much nothing that wasn't a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich unless it was pancakes with powdered sugar on them. I'd go for the occasional hot dog or Kraft macaroni and cheese1 but that was about it...

Except for one other thing...shark juice.

I don't know how I came up with the name "shark juice" or how I even got started drinking it. But drink it, I did, in alarming quantities.

I suppose you want to know what shark juice is precisely.'s pickle juice. Specifically it's dill pickle juice. The remaining juice in the jar after all the pickles are gone. In essence, it's salty vinegar. Mmmm...tasty.

I would wait anxiously for all the pickles to be gone, you see. Sometimes I'd eat a bunch of pickles to finish them up just so I could get the jar of my very own weird-kid-hooch. And I would carry that jar around with me most of the time sipping on it like an old hillbilly man sips moonshine.

And sometimes? Sometimes I still drink shark juice...when no one is looking.

No wonder I have stomach aches.

1: Mmmmm...processed cheese food.


kk said...

You are not alone. Sebastian's dad likes the pickle juice, too. Sometimes, during the holidays, their fridge is jam packed and there is no way to fit that last thing in. So I clean their fridge for them maybe once or twice a year (cuz they hate doing it themselves) and I throw out all the expired jars of whatever (I've found some that were years expired, but that's a different story). Anyway, Seb's dad and I have an agreement that I am not to throw out the empty pickle jars (cuz he likes the pickle juice). Sometimes I even bring him one.

Another friend of mine liked to make a mixed drink out of pickle juice and vodka. I tried it once and ended up spraying it out into the sink. It was NASTY.

You pickle juice drinking freaks are weird, WEIRD, sheeesh!

Just Jane said...

That's actually a version of a dirty vodka martini. I love those made with olive juice...extra dirty. But I don't suppose that's any surprise.

Jenni said...

The sugar on the pancakes was granulated, not powdered. Mmmmmmm...crunchy!

zero hour said...

I had a CAT once that went nuts for asparagus straight out of the can and the juice...
of course that made for some POTENT cat pee later on......

kk said...

Yikes! Now THAT'S a smell I really don't want to be imagining..... but, alas, it is already too late. Thanks for sharing! ;)