Monday, November 09, 2009


Strange magic is afoot.

I don't know how to tell this story without disclosing information that does not belong to me to disclose. But it's too good not to tell in some light because I think there will be more to it over the coming months.

Anyway! Cryptic much?

So here's the deal. When PJ came over Friday night, she and I got to talking about some epiphanies she'd had since the last time I'd seen her months ago...things we'd talked about then and to which she was not receptive but quickly became receptive mere days after our talk.

So it was such fun to talk with her on Friday night about what those epiphanies had meant to her and I felt a bit like a momma watching her baby take her first steps.

I'll admit, that was a bit strange given her adamant stance last spring to see such an about turn but, you know, stranger things have happened.

In relation to these epiphanies though, we began talking about a good friend of hers...a friend who was in the deepening stages of a relatively new relationship and who had sought PJ out for some advice. Advice that PJ, in turn, sought from me. So we talked a little bit about her friend and the conversation turned to other things...

Until, as we stood in the back grotto smoking, I mentioned something about Lex, my roommate. PJ interrupted me and said "Wait a minute. What is your roommate's name?"1 When I told her, she just looked at me for a minute and then said "Uhm, was he by any chance going out tonight with a girl named [insert name here]?"

Uh...yes. Little tingles appearing up and down my spine because why would she know the name of the girl Lex was seeing that night? A girl Lex had been seeing for a couple of months? A girl with whom the relationship seemed to be delving into a deeper place?

Uh huh. The friend we'd been discussing happened to be the one and same girl Lex was out with that night. The relationship she'd sought advice from PJ about was the one she was in with my, the one PJ had asked advice from on her friend's behalf.

Now, just so we're clear...PJ and Lex had never met. I'd never met Lex's girl. Lex did not meet this girl through friend channels at all. Isn't that...well...creepy?

There's more.

There's more going on that I haven't even fully processed yet or am just now starting to see connections. Some have to do with L*2 and the marathon conversation he and I had last night...things that relate to me and Lex and the alarming similarities between my friendship with Lex and what's happening now with L*.

There's even more. A convergence of people and ideas and seemingly random connections that aren't as random as maybe I thought they were. Tower's a part of that, I think, too. At least slightly anyway.

But I can't talk about any of it.

Just...strange magic is afoot and I can't wait to see what happens next.

1: Lex & PJ met Friday night when I was passed out in my bed and Lex came home from his date. They spent some time together talking about what had happened and so by the time we all were up and about the next day, it was though the 3 of us had been friends forever.
2: Yes, I'm still talking to L*. That's not died away or anything. He was out of town for a couple of weeks on business but I talked to him regularly while he was away. I just...I don't know if there's romantic possibilities there or if I'm meant to be here for him as I was for Lex 3 years ago. Time will tell.


kk said...

Life is often weirder than you expect.... isn't it wonderful? :)

Just Jane said...

Completely. It's freaky but wow! Exciting.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I love it when the subtle and mysterious connections can be seen poking through into 'ordinary life' .... thanks for sharing.