Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teapots and Janes Happen

Ever since the strange, seemingly random connection between PJ, Lex, Patty, and me became known, I've been hyper-sensitive to synchronicity. I cannot say I've had any other occurrences since that one - certainly not as in-your-face anyway - but I've been thinking a lot about connections and thinking about past experiences in hind sight.

Yesterday, I received a comment on my original blog entry about synchronicity from Max Action of teapotshappen. This is not someone I'd ever heard of and, because I'm always curious about my readers and how they find me, I went to check out his blog. Turns out, it's all about synchronicity1.

When I got to his blog, I glanced over the landing page, saw that his blog was about synchronicity, and then clicked on the link for his About Me section. I was immediately enthralled with his writing style2 and the story of his synchronicitous experiences. Reaching the end of the post, I found myself reading the comments...something I very rarely do except on my own blog.

The first comment was from a woman named Jane.

The third comment was from another woman named Jane.

The 10th comment was from another woman named Jane.

The 11th comment was from another woman named Jane.

There were 13 comments in all (excluding Max's responses) - a third of them from women named Jane.

Now, Jane is a pretty popular name, right? Sure. Granted, I've never run into a roomful of us before - I've only met half a dozen other Janes in my entire life - but it could happen. Regardless, reading those comments from all the Janes felt very it made my brain contract and then expand and then hum.

So the 14th comment is from this Jane. I've also subscribed to the post so I can follow any occurrences of additional Janes.

1: I assume that's how he found me...he has a google alert set up to drive him to all the blogs and articles posted about synchronicity.
2: Brilliantly well-written which I truly discovered while reading some of his entries aloud to Lex.


zero hour said...

why am I getting chills?
well I was thrown when I first met PJ and my chtrs. name in my comic strip is PJ and I USED to be called PJ for a very short time.
(u can use my name.p.s)

Just Jane said...

Thank you for your permission. I shall update with your name! Because really...Patty is much simpler to type than [insert name here].

And it is goosebump-ly stuff. I'm loving it!

kk said...

Jane, did you know that my daughter's middle name is Jane also?

And, Patty, where in Florida are you from (I seem to remember you saying something about being from there somewhere else)? I'm also from Florida (Miami, St. Pete, Clearwater, and many others. It was Orlando and that f*ckin' Mouse that was the last straw for me).

I *like* the comments on blogs. It reminds me of my old BBS days....

zero hour said...

kk, I grew up in Miami and Ft. Laud. mainly, Orlando sucks's so hot, when were u in Miami!! COOL!

kk said...

I was in Miami for about 11 years, but my folks moved us up to Clearwater around 1984ish. So, Miami for me was mostly about climbing all sorts of really amazing trees, taunting alligators (and then running zig zag all the way home), and riding bikes with my friends. I lived near parrot jungle, just outside of coral gables and would sometimes wake up to the macaws squawking in our trees. Oh,and there were tadpoles. Lots of tadpoles. I so badly miss tadpoles in Colorado. I haven't seen a single one here. :(

Yeah, it's hot and humid and I don't remember it ever bothering me really when I lived there. But now I just about die when I go back. Still, I miss the ocean and do try to go back at least once a year!

Anonymous said...

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