Monday, November 23, 2009

The Weekend Report

Awesome weekend just past.

In the spirit of Beaujolais Nouveau Day, I had invited Owen for supper to celebrate as he is my true wine-geekery friend. But then, in a surprise turn of events, Tower got in touch with me - yay of all yays - and friendship commenceth. So, because he is also a true lover of the gamay grape, I extended the invitation of celebratory wine gulping to him as well.

In preparation for the event, I took Friday afternoon off from work and hit the Whole Foods [hummina hummina hummina] and then ran by Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a couple of things I don't need and have no place to store but wanted and purchased anyway. When I arrived, I saw this:


Yeah right her brakes failed.


So the menu for Friday night:

Persillé du Beaujolais cheese with crackers1
Bowtie pasta with butternut parmesan sauce
Mixed green salad
Garlic bread
Raspberry-Beaujolais sorbet

Owen arrived just after 5 and, because he is a genius with the garlic bread, got put in charge of that right off. Tower arrived just before 6 and, because he is a good sport and, it turns out, has some talent with a knife, got put in charge of the salad. Lex had had a bad day so he was in charge of hiding.

Now, Owen and Tower were not acquainted with each other but I knew they'd hit it right off. However, I did not expect them to be squeeing and high fiving each other over gamer geekery within minutes of their introduction. Needless to say, I was thrilled and we all settled in for a fun evening where the wine and conversation and music were easy and flowed copiously...until after 2 a.m. Nice!

Saturday dawned much earlier than it should bed at 3 a.m. and up at 7:30. I tried taking a nap at some point but it didn't happen with much satisfaction. Oh well...debauchery still must happen even if I am tired.

PJ came by around 4:30 and she and I visited while I finished getting ready for a night out at Streets of London for Mo's birthday. She and I then headed over to pick up Owen for a wine purchasing excursion2 before heading out to the bar.

I think...Streets of London is not a favorite haunt of mine. The hipsters irritate me and I personally think the bartending staff is surly and rude. However, the jukebox can only be rivaled by the one at Gabor's and the drinks are pretty cheap. Plus, I'd go anywhere to hang out with Sean & Mo because they hardly ever get out of the house for a night on the town.

And I always love spending time with Dave, Betsy, Owen, and PJ. Plus, now I have 2 new friends in Angela and Tower who were also there to add to the spirit of things. Mo had invited pretty much everyone she's ever known so there was a large crowd of us spread across the bar. It was cool to see that cutie patootie English guy who always flirts with me and always kisses my cheek.

Dave made me laugh so hard he was concerned he was responsible for breaking me. And he and Owen decided some 80's metal was in order so we got to hear Judas Priest Hell Bent for Leather and King Diamond Grim Reaper in addition to some punk rock Descendents, Social D, and Buzzcocks.

I also got to show Angela my newly acquired signing skills and she expanded upon them by teaching me the signs for "orgasm", "vomit", and "fun".

Frankly though, I was damn tired. I can't imagine why O and Tower were too [laughing]. So I asked Tower to take me home around midnight where I crawled into my pajamas and snuggled down with the Vinny-monster and a book.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day and catching up on everything I hadn't done. I took a bubble bath last night, made soft ginger cookies3, and then spent the evening playing video games and reading. Perfect end to a great weekend.

1: Also known as the "magic" cheese made specifically to go with the Beaujolais Nouveau oh my.
2: He and I went in on a case of the Beaujolais. Since it's only around for a couple of months we both wanted to make sure we got enough to get us good and tired of it this year.
3: Ginger snaps without the snap...mmmmm...delicious.

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Teach me the new signs next time I see you!!