Friday, December 18, 2009

3 Pet Peevery Lane or Jane Needs to Take a Big Ol' Chill Pill

Really, Yammy? Ya think?

Yesterday on Postcards from Yo Momma, an entry got posted as follows:

mom: please delete these conversations when we’re done
me: mom, no one can read your gmail
mom: i’m from the nixon era

I thought it was cute. But because I actually pay attention to the world, I also know something about the post-9/11 and Bush era these 2 obviously do not. I know about a little something called the USA Patriot Act which allows the government to spy on its own citizens by reading our e-mail, text messages, financial and medical records and which also gives them access to our telephone conversations and our voice mail messages...without a court order.

I'll admit the Patriot Act really really reallyreallyreally pisses me off.

But you know what else pisses me off even more? Ignorance.

So I posted a comment on the entry. Shouldn't have done it. I know. Opening up can o' worms on a fluff site is asking for trouble. But I did it anyway. I figured it was an opportunity to maybe get one person...just open her eyes to the Big Brother reality that is happening, not in 1972 but, RIGHT NOW.

And Yammy responded by saying I needed to take a big ol' chill pill.

Do you know why I loathe ignorance? Because it's people like you, Yammy, who are too busy taking your chill pills and yammering away about stupid BS and not paying attention to the world and the violation of your rights that will ultimately lead to a complete disregard for the Constitution. And maybe, just maybe you'll wonder what ever happened to your 4th amendment rights (look it up, Yammy, I'm sure you have no idea what that one even is because you're too busy watching American Idol) when you're sitting in jail for what you thought was an innocuous (look that one up too) conversation via e-mail and what the feds deemed a terrorist threat.

I hate stupid people.

I'm just sayin'.


zero hour said...

I lived in mild at best fear for several days when Pres. Bush's motorcade passed by my apt in Atlanta and I shot him a big ol' loud "Fuck you" and a bird.
Yes he for SURE saw it. The secret service blanketing the area sure took notes on my location..LOL

Now I have to delete this comment cuz now the words 'fuck you' and Pres. Bush appear any search by the patriot Nazis...oh, wait....giggle, I took my chill pill this morning. I have to go watch Jerry Springer with 'Yammy"..and eat more "clueless pills" too.

kk said...

You really got the opportunity to do that, Patty? Awesome! You're my hero!

I often think of how the McCarthy era followed a couple of much less conservative decades. I've got a fair bit of pessimism in me and love to read dystopian books so I'm sort of just waiting (hoping that I'm wrong) for things to teeter back to some kind of scary and awful again.

So many people take freedom for granted (myself included -- I mean, I'm not out there actively working to change things to be better, that's for sure.).

kk said...

Patty's story kind of reminds me of one I heard about the Guerrilla Theater of the Absurd in Portland. When Vice President Dan Quayle came to town, they showed up to puke red, white, and blue all over by eating dyed mashed potatoes and ipecac.