Friday, December 18, 2009

Wine-y Kind Of Fride-y or Another Drunken Post by Your Lovely Host, Me

Oh yeah boo...whatever.

It IS a wine-y kind of Fride-y night after a long, rather misanthropic week.

I'm 2 glasses in and happy as a clam can be...which, seriously, how happy exactly is a clam? If it's this clam, then pretty darn happy to be at home on a Friday night in comfy pants drinking wine alone. There probably ought to have been commas in that sentence. But again, 2 glasses in hello, and not caring so much about the commas as I am caring about the wine.

I just heard from K. Hooray!1

Also? I <3 Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer so very very much and even more so now that they are dating. I follow them both on Twitter and I read Neil's blog2 and thus discovered this youtube resolution to an argument they were having:

I think I'd like to have a celebrity crush supper party with just them and me.

The wine I'm drinking tonight is a Shaya 2008 Verdejo Old Vines of which I will now attempt to capture a picture but I promise nothing. I am inebriated.

It is a very dry cross between a pino gris and a chard. Absolutely lovely. This may become my go to white. I'm tidying up now. Already. Lex helped a little. There is a story behind the name "shaya" that Brian, the sommelier at Argonaut whose name may or may not be Brian, shared with me. I believe it's that there was a dispute between the growers of the naya grape and the distributors. The distributors wanted to mass market the wine and the growers resisted because they believed the quality would be diminished by mass production. So they split company. And the growers began to market their wine as "Shaya". Be aware, I'm drunk so this story may be reversed on the name of the grape. Regardless, this is an unbelievably tasty wine and you should try it because I said so. And also? Because it was under $10 a bottle.

The power went out at work today. No phones, no lights, and, most importantly, no internetz. I tried to be very patient but after waiting nearly 2 hours for the power to come back on, I decided to pack it in and come home. Yay! Early out on a Friday afternoon. But also? Working some this weekend. Boo.

By the way, Santa totally came through today early. Just in case you're wondering, Santa sometimes is my mother, Blind Betsy (as opposed to Bomb Betsy...just, you know, reminding you there is a difference). Today I received a gift certificate from to be used toward the purchase of...wait for it...NO! not sex3...a food processor!!! YAY! WOO HOO! Chopped, diced, sliced, food!

Plus also? A package arrived from Santa that, I suspect, contains a highly anticipated new cookbook. What will it be this year? We won't know until the 25th because I will behave and wait to open until the designated day. know? I'm not typing so well. I think I may be too drunk to type. So I'm taking my keys away from myself and am going in search of something cheesy to eat.

1: Apparently, the wine-y is making me rhyme-y. Waa haa haa. Oh-my-freaking-gawd-of-all-things-retarded. That would be me.
2: We're such close, personal friends he's asked me to call him Neil.
3: Because ewwww! Santa in this instance is my mother! Ewwww!


zero hour said...

Drunk-y wine-y kinda nights are fun ,aren't they?

The Tacky American said...

you are such a lightweight, and that is why I love you. Reading American Gods cool is my reading matching your blog??? Don't know Amanda, but am going to IMDG her. Oh. And finish reading your blog too. Got too distracted and happy. xoxoxox

by the way. Did you know that Seth Green was in "You Can't Buy Me Love"?