Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Breaking News: Jane wakes up on wrong side of bed. Crankiness ensues.

I'm tired of the cold. It's supposed to be 50 degrees today but right now it's nowhere near it and my hands, feet, and nose are painfully aware of it. I'm depressed to think winter's not yet begun and we still have several more months to get through before I can begin to officially thaw out.

I'm tired of a "monthly" cycle that's apparently decided 28 days isn't often enough to visit and has now started regularly arriving every 26 days. Can this madness end now please? Some days it sucks being a woman.

I'm tired of holiday "cheer".

I'm tired of fighting discrimination - gender, race, age, religion, fat, cognitive development. You name it, I'm tired of fighting against it.

I'm tired of mis-managing my expectations. The petulant child in me stomps her foot and pouts that she just won't have any expectations of anyone then. I know this is ridiculous and impossible. Days like today though remind me why I am largely self-reliant and ask for/expect little from other people. Expect nothing and there is sure to be no disappointment. In other words, make me no promises, tell me no lies.

I'm tired of the pigeons who shit all over my car and don't clean up after themselves. They've ruined the paint job. The car wash doesn't get it off.

I'm tired of terrible, aggressive drivers who recklessly speed to get around me so that they can then get back in my lane and slam on their brakes to go 5 mph under the speed limit while I'm already going 10 mph over.

I'm tired of passive aggressive behavior. Be straight. Be firm. Behave.

I think I'm just tired.

I want to be on the couch under a soft microfiber woobie, watching a movie, drinking wine, and eating cheese and chocolate until I pass out.

Now where did I put my Midol?


kk said...

Aw, hang in there, girl! I have bad days, too, and they do seem to cluster in these dark cold months for me. Remember that there are lots of good days ahead (yes, you can expect them)!

zero hour said...