Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Think That is Weird

I had a dental appointment this morning early...7 a.m.

Nothing out of the ordinary - just my regularly scheduled 6 month cleaning and check up. Good oral hygiene is a priority.

Anyway, I had to wait a few minutes because, of course, I was early and walked in with the tech who was supposed to open up the office and turn everything on.

So I sat down in the waiting room and looked around me.

I was struck by a lovely-ish antique looking coat rack/curio shelf hanging on the wall opposite me. I was too busy at first examining the ornate detail of the iron works to actually look at what was displayed on the shelf itself.

But then something red caught my eye.

There, prominently displayed in a place of honor upon said shelf in dentist office, was a bible.

And not just any bible. No no.

A Gideon's bible.

I know. I got up to take a closer look.

And now I just feel...weird...a little offended...kind of creeped out.

Because what dentist's office - a Perfect Teeth for christ's sake - displays a Gideon's Bible in the waiting room?

I kinda want to find a new dentist now.


Anonymous said...

As an atheist who also happens to be dental hygienist, I am morally offended by the bible in your dentist's waiting room. My take? TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. If I lived in Colorado, we could talk anti-religion while I cleaned your teeth. Since I don't, I recommend that you find a new dentist before your 6 month recall (and don't forget to floss!) --Krista

Just Jane said...

Krista - Don't you mean you would talk and I would listen? Hee hee. It's very hard to have a conversation w/your hands in my mouth.

Diva said...

If it was a Gideon, someone else could have left it there. That's kinda what they do - hand out Bibles.

Ask the desk and the dentist. If it was his/her idea, or an employee's, I'd get another dentist.