Thursday, December 10, 2009

Expectations Are Pre-Determined Resentments

I'm not a big fan of the holiday season. Everyone running around like mad trying to shop, bake, socialize, drink, and just generally outdoing themselves and one another.

Me personally? I do that stuff all year 'round.

But during the holidays, while everyone else is doing what I just normally do, there's also this crazy anticipatory expectation in the this is IT. Must must must must must must must. The world, the lives of all, the happiness within will be made or broken by the number of gifts given and received, the number of libations ingested, the number of cards sent out, and the number of parties to which one is invited.

I say meh. Who cares?

The holiday insanity is just a set up for disappointment. And I'm currently finding myself braced for the resentful onslaught I'll be seeing in people's body language and eyes come January 2. It doesn't feel like that leaves me much room to just go about my celebratory business as usual.

I'll be glad to be onward and upward come January. Because you know what happens in January? The most important 2 holidays of the year...

National Pie Day


Jane's Birthday


1 comment:

zero hour said...

PIE. Magic word. Birthday. Another magic word.
Put them TOGETHER and you have a magic Birthday Pie!
Now THAT is a special day my dear.

personally this season I planned NOTHING, expect NOTHING and am just going with the flow.
Come January 2nd my face will be as it was before that day, bemused.