Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pac-Man Fever

So last night - which was actually 2 nights ago what with the crazy clear around the world time change - Nykki and Dave celebrated their engagement with an 80's theme party.

I apologize because this song is so so so very terrible *laughing*. But, in the spirit of the party theme, I couldn't resist posting it for her. My sweet sweet girl who has been my friend through thick and thin since we were 16 years old.

She's sad right now. Homesick really. It's got to be incredibly strange and sometimes awful to be surrounded by people you've only known for a few months with ways different than her own.

It probably doesn't help that every time she calls me, she says something particularly poignant and I end up crying, then she ends up crying, then I have to call her a fucker for making me cry and then we laugh and squee at each other.

Then it's also the holidays...and summer in New Zealand. I would guess it must be like...Christmas in LA - not only the weather but the weirdness. And it's also her birthday coming up...but no Gabor's or Double Daughters or Mario's Two-Fisted Pizza or brunch at Barracuda's or old friend goodness in which to revel.

But she's got her man...the love of her life and that'll be enough.

Because in addition, she also knows she's got all the rest of us who are 18 hours behind her, close in her heart and only a phone call, an e-mail, or a blog post away.

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kk said...

You could always go visit her! I hear New Zealand is an awesome place....