Tuesday, December 29, 2009

People let me tell you 'bout my new best friend...NAP!

Most people who know me, or who've at least read my blogger profile, know I do not have television.

Oh, I have A television. It's not that. I just don't get any channels and haven't basically since the mid-90's.

This has nothing to do with making a statement. It's just that I'm too cheap to pay for it. I'd rather have the internetz and, at the time I decided to get rid of TV, it was because I could afford cable or internetz but not both. And hello? Is that even a contest at all?

Now when I lived with M&D, they had satellite with every channel imaginable but I rarely watched TV there because they were almost always in front of it and I rarely got a chance to select something I'd want to watch. With the exception of Dexter anyway.

Otherwise, I've not had TV in more than a decade.

So the fact that I know anything about what's been on at all is somewhat of a small miracle.

Now, I have awesome friends who watch the good stuff and then tell me about it. Sometimes I can find those things at the library1. Greg the Bunny, for instance, was procured at the DPL and watched at the insistence of Dave.

And it was Dave who told me I MUST SEE Frisky Dingo.

Enter Killface.

Dave, Owen, Betsy, and I congregated at Owen's house one evening last winter for a feast of Frisky Dingo season 1 and whirley pop. From the first moment of the first episode, I was completely hooked on this show. Love love love. I laughed so hard and so often, I couldn't keep up with all the funny dialogue.

Ever since, I've wanted to watch it again and again so I could catch everything.

And this Christmas, Owen made my Christmas wish come true. He gave me season 1 on DVD including a Welcome to You're "DOOM!" postcard complete with dry cleaning coupon inserted.

I've watched the whole season twice since Christmas day.

Thanks, Owen.

So now, I present to you The Best of Killface (season 1) so that you too can get hooked. This video is questionable in its suitability for work.

1: Do not doubt the cheapness that is me when it comes to movies and television shows. If I can't get it at the library or on loan from someone, it's not worth watching. Luckily, Denver Public Library has a ginormous catalog - some of it quite rare.

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