Thursday, January 28, 2010

Contextually Speaking of Course

Have I mentioned lately I'm having a love affair with Amanda Palmer? I totally am.

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In my mind anyway.

So this morning I was reading her latest blog entry detailing her adventures attending the Golden Globes with one Neil Gaiman who was nominated for Coraline. And in this blog, she said something I found myself pondering throughout the day...

why did i think that this was any different? i dunno. i change my mind, i create my own weird standard as i go along and i make random decision every day. then i stick by them.

i also pointed out recently in an interview that i NEVER would have had the balls to do this 10 years ago.
but here’s why: the public didn’t know me. i didn’t have ten years worth of cred under my belt.

now, when i pull shit like this, i have a legion of fans and friends who know who i actually am, what i actually stand for, and where i’m really coming from.

i’ve made a career’s worth of decisions to steer away from certain kinds of mainstream success.
now i’m IN CONTEXT.

In context.


It occurred to me that perhaps if you take me out of context, perhaps I don't make much sense to the average onlooker either. I mean, I think I've got a great, wonderful life. Wait...I mean I totally have a great, wonderful life and I get to do kickass things and go awesome places with some truly fascinating characters. Take it out of context though...take knowing me out of the equation and how many people would go wait...what?

She's kuh-ray-zee.

Then it occurred to me that most, if not all, of us, when taken out of context are all foreign objects. It's not just me...or Amanda Fucking Palmer1. It's all of us.

We're all weirdos.

For your viewing entertainment (this is Mom safe), here is Ms. Palmer IN CONTEXT playing Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 on New Year's Eve with the Boston Pops.

And one of my favorite Dresden Dolls songs (not quite as Mom safe).

1: It's an Amanda Palmer (AFP) thing.

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