Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Wonder What Kind of Frosting Tastes Best with That?

I have to admit, when I got home from work yesterday, I was feeling pretty growly. Grrr.

I dunno why.

Oh well OK, yes I do, but it was a combination of several things and none of them are even worth mentioning except to say that it was as though I had baked a miniature layer cake of grumpy bear meat and then swallowed it whole in one gulp.

Grumpy bear meat does not a great cake make.

I also have to admit I did nothing to try to shake it off and, instead, let Lex get a big ol' walloping taste of that aggro energy when he got home from work himself.

Normally, when one of us has snacked on this kind of tasty morsel we leave each other alone.

And Lex was totally going to leave me alone. But then he opted to pick at me and my feelings until he'd uncovered the root(s) of the problem.

This did NOT make me first. But Lex can be relentless when he wants to be - and not in a bad way just in a I'm-going-to-get-you-to-talk-about-this-calmly-and-rationally-until-you-aren't-a-snark-fest-anymore kind of way.

It helped. I felt better. I let out the breath I'd been holding as I mentioned in the post I published last night. I have a better sense of things than I did before I talked everything out. And even though I did not enjoy his scab picking, I appreciated it at the end.

Now the question is what kind of truly tasty cake I ought to make. Because the countdown to BIRTHDAY has begun and the celebratings and the first of several cakes begin to happen this Saturday.

Maybe something lemon-y to start.

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