Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jane: Agent of the Universe or Just Making Crap Up on a Saturday Night Over Wine?

Reality doesn't exist.

That was part of the philosophical discussion we had last night over cocktails at the Mario's Double Daughters Salotto1 2.

Now, I won't go so far as to say it doesn't exist at all. I do believe there is a pure state of reality that exists. Unfortunately (or choose), man is not capable of perceiving reality without several subjective layers applied to it thereby rendering it moot.

I believe the same idea is applicable to truth.

Some of these beliefs stem from the theories of cognitive development set forth by Jean Piaget. More specifically, it is his theory of egocentrism - that a child perceives himself and his mind - as the center of all things which lays the foundation of my belief.

Because I don't think that's unique to children.

Well...and to be fair, I don't believe Piaget believed egocentrism is a concept applicable only to children. More, a child is completely egocentric - his world view expanding only as he ages and experiences begin to create social filters by which to operate.

OK, so we're getting to my point. My belief is that we all are at the center of our own universes - at least operationally - vastly self-centered and subjective universes. In essence, we are each one of us happy little bubble boys and girls, surrounded by the walls of our perception which we call reality and truth. This isn't a conscious state of being. It is more a product of daily life3. In its simplest terms it is "all about me".

So what does any of this have to do with being an agent of the universe, you ask? least among most of my varied acquaintances and friends, the concept of asking the Universe for what we need, is a popular one. The belief that the Universe will provide what we need when we need it, simply because we've asked for it, at least in my mind, is another example of just how egocentric we are.

Eh...but I still do it *laughing*. Cuz, you know, there's stuff I need and want and I'm just as egocentric as the rest of you.

Now, whether there is actually the existence of some all powerful force called Universe or it is simply our own ability to subconsciously manifest what it is we've asked for, I do not know. I do know that it works. I've had it happen. For instance, I change my computer passwords to reflect what it is I desire during any given time. It is a constant reminder of what I seek and I've found that to be conscious of my desire in this way, is simply another technique of putting it out there for the Universe to find and deliver and thus manifest. It's happening right now.

But! Where it gets a little freaky is that occasionally I realize I am not at the center of my bubble. That what I desire, while being fulfilled, is secondary to what another needs. That I have become an agent of the Universe, fulfilling the request of another. Not egocentric. It's not about me. It is almost solely about what the Universe is delivering to another person's bubble...another person's reality. Our realities overlap far beyond the normal scope as we serve one purpose...theirs. I am a piece of another's jigsaw puzzle snapping into place with delicious satisfaction.

Did you not ask for me?

1: I had 2 - yes, 2! - St. Vitus' Dance. It has alotta liquor in it and tastes a lot like fruit punch.

2: If you like Tim Burton movies, you'd love Double Daughters. me on this one.

3: And now we're getting into Carl Jung's theory of collective and personal unconscious.


Kristin said...

Oh, wow. I could write pages on this one, but I'll refrain from cluttering up your blog! Jungian theory is soooo fascinating, and I love your take on this! Also, it sounds like drinks at Double Daughters will be a "must" for next time I'm there!

Just Jane said...

Kristin - oh yes. A trip to the DD is most definitely in your future. I recommend the Teddy Bear's Orgy, the Six-Toed Kitten, and the St. Vitus' Dance.