Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whereby Jane Gets All New-Agey

I guess it was the beginning of November when I first noted an interesting sensation in the middle of my forehead.

It's not an unpleasant sensation in the slightest. There's just this odd warmth and tingly throbbing consciousness. Not a headache. Not a fever. Not an ailment. Simply...a sensation. When I notice it, I can concentrate on it until the warmth I feel internally manifests into an actual physical warmth. I don't know how else to describe it.

And it's not constant. It comes and goes sporadically - most often as I begin to drift off to sleep. The sensation will appear and I become fully awake again, trying to discern what it is and why it keeps happening.

The first time it happened1, I was out and about with friends, enjoying myself thoroughly, meeting new people. I remember the sensation began just before I was introduced to one of these new people. I remember thinking it felt weird and then remember the introduction and having the immediate knowledge of something that would be of great importance to me at a later time. I filed the information away as a statement of fact after mentioning it to my companion and went about my life.

A few weeks later, that which I had intuited came to pass.

It was no big AHA! Nothing I tried to force or even felt particularly interested in at the simply was just a statement of fact. Something I just knew.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was lying in bed and just on the edge of sleep, I felt it more strongly than ever before. So much so that I felt as though it was no random coincidence. I remember having the conscious thought "look up third eye chakra".

Ajna - the "third eye", the brow chakra. It is the conscience. The knower of past, present, and future. The plane of neutrality...of duality...of clarity. Represented by a lotus with two petals - sometimes indigo blue, sometimes blinding white. Also represented by the Hindu deity Ardhanarishvara - a hermaphrodite - the male side, indigo blue, the female side, pink.

Image courtesy of the wiki and credited to Sacred Centers

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I make no claim to be clairvoyant. I only know I am more in tune with past, present, and future than I've ever been. I am peaceful. Relaxed. Centered.

And now that sensation and everything else just makes sense.

1: Coincidentally, or not, this was about the same time the conscious slap in the face that is synchronicity happened.


Kristin said...

That makes me all goose-bumpy. The levels of awareness that people are capable of never cease to amaze me. I've also been regaled with the events of a friend lately, which have "synchronicity" written all over them, and it's just astounding. Maybe there really is some sort of plan in this life! :)

Just Jane said...

I'm definitely much more aware of the little synchronicities than I've ever been. It's fascinating to observe how everything comes together in these little concentric circles.